about the author

In my life I have found that the adage — “mother knows best” — resonates with truth.

While taking a Library and Information Tech. course, and for years after, my Mom insisted that I was the perfect fit for that field. Several years later I succumbed to her prompting and enrolled into the Library and Information Technology Program at UFV and transitioned from a career in childcare into the techie realm. I absolutely adore my job as Library Tech. at an independent Secondary School, recently adding the additional hat to wear as Web Coordinator and Social Media Manager; my Mother knew best. Joy often is contagious — my Dad is now enrolled in the same program and it’s great to be able to talk shop together.

The fall of 2011 left me facing my mortality and making many life adjustments as I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Yet I am grateful — there have been many snippets of joy as I see God’s fingerprints in my life.

I thrive when I am able to be  creative, either professionally or personally. Scrapbooking is one way that I can pause and focus on what I’m grateful for. It mellows me out. Both the change in pace and perspective have wonderful health perks; stresses, whether physical or emotional definitely effect my health in a more noticeable way now. Another reason to add to the long list of why I’m happy when I’m surrounded by snippets of paper, scissors, and glue. (Now that I’m thinking of it . . . eons ago I received my first scrapbooking supplies from my parents . . . another point for Mom.)

So much of our day-to-day and social life revolves around food. When you have a health issue that is food sensitive, it complicates things. I don’t want to fear food and enjoy being creative with ingredients and cooking methods that have proven to work well for me. Puttering in the kitchen is relaxing; it makes me feel content to cook tasty tidbits for others. My mom encouraged me to consider starting another blog — she thought others may be interested in my journey, and find the recipes useful. There is no Crohn’s diet, and a lot of figuring out what works is trial and error — and when it has such serious consequences, you want to avoid error as much as possible! This blog will be a space for me to record what recipes I’ve created or tried out that are safe for me, and various tips in managing Crohn’s; it is a digital “note-to-self” that I am happy to share.

Snippets of these various aspects of who I am will find their way into this space. I hope you too find joy, as you pause with me to ponder.